Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter meeting minutes

The brain-trust of 5o5 fleet 13 got together in the inspirational and collegial surroundings of Stocks and Blondes. We discussed the following topics and came to the following conclusions:

1) Growing the local fleet is the top priority. The fleet target is 6 local boats at the time of the 2010 NAs in Chicago. It was decided that the best course of action is to bring in another great boat to maintain the standard of our fleet. The plan is to turn this boat over to a new owner during the 2009 season. We identified a few good prospects that I am going to communicate with this winter.

2) It was decided that a Chicago event should be held in 2009 with the following objectives: re-invigorate interest among the remaining Midwest boats and to prepare for the 2010 NAs. We hope to target those in the Midwest with boats that have not actively been sailing their 505s. Also, we hope to target "neighbors" like the Canadians to help develop the circuit.

3) Planning for the 2010 NAs continues. Preliminary details will shortly be finalized with Chicago Yacht Club. Dates, housing ideas, PRO etc, these details are on the agenda to hammer out. Harken continues to be committed to the event; we are looking at other sponsors like Goose Island to support the event.

7611 and 7346 are trying to make it down to the Florida events and are feverishly working on some late minute updates.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter meeting

Fleet 13 505ers, we'll be getting together Tuesday, November 11th at Stocks and Blondes. The address is 40 N Wells; this is just south of Washington and on the west side of the street. I'll be getting there around 4:30pm.

Topics to consider:
Winter schedule
2010 NAs planning

Looking forward to it.