Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boatwork Continues

The projects continued today. Prep work for the centerboard reinforcements is essentially complete. Those will be bonded in to the boat tomorrow. The back end of the mast gate was bonded into the boat today. Here is a photo sequence of what was done.

First the area was sanded down to the glass to create a good bonding surface.

Next a piece of 1/2 inch mahogany was cut to fit the angles of the diagonal bulkheads. We made a cardboard template that fit so we could make the angles correct on the wood piece. The cuts were done on the table saw. The edges were rounded over at the router table with a 1/4" radius round-over bit. The piece was then sanded and prepped for bonding.

Finally, the piece was bonded into the boat. Epoxy and colloidal silica was mixed to a peanut butter consistency for the bonding. The front edges(inside the mast gate) and the side edges(where the wood piece meets the diagonal bulkheads) were filleted using the same epoxy mixture. The block was then secured with line as shown in the picture below:

Next we will glass over the fillets for strength, seal with 2 coats of West System 105/207, cosmetic fairing and spot painting with two-part polyurethane paint. More updates to come.

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