Sunday, March 15, 2009

Early Spring Projects on 7611

Today we began some spring projects on JB's Waterat 7611. With 7346 pretty much ready to go for the season, JB and I are working together to swiftly make some key upgrades to his boat. Here is the work list:

1) Fit out 2 new booms for 7346 and 7611 - lots of sub projects here, wont begin until late April when the carbon sections arrive.

2) Fit HA board to trunk, add reinforcements to CB trunk, drill new hole in correct location

3) Add backing plate under pole launcher on deck

4) Cut out and extend back of mast gate, bond in new piece, remount compass, measure/move mast step

5) Remove and repair aft-autobailer

6) Remove old shroud and forestay cascades and install new system

7) Better transom flaps

8) Repair small dings in bottom

As you can see we got a pretty good start on this stuff already. We will take pictures and post them here as we continue the work. Everything is pretty straight forward, but we hope our experiences can be of help to others. These are typical upgrades any older Waterat will need to bring it up to modern spec.

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  1. this is how i did the mast gate reconstruction.

    cut open
    use 1/2" thick piece of mahogany for replacement piece. i routed top and bottom of it to the closest fitting roundover bit to the deck and bulkhead roundover. cut piece and fit. maybe use a piece of scrapwood to figure out the angle before cutting the piece you will be using to ensure a good fit. sand off gelcoat a couple inches past where the piece will be bonded so fiberglass will adhere well. bond piece. do fillet on inside of mast gate. use 2 layers of something like 10 oz glass on both sides. fair