Monday, June 8, 2009

June Training Session: Day 5

After 3 days of mediocre breeze and bizarre Chicago weather, Sunday provided a great day of two boat training. The wind was out of the NNE with velocity anywhere from 9-18 knots. The breeze was light when we first left the harbor but steadily built to the 14-18 knot range.

We sailed for about 4 hours and had lots of good straight line testing with many opportunities to try different settings. The breeze was very dynamic and it was good to practice changing gears on the fly. It was very important to be able to make quick adjustments yet not loose focus on actually sailing the boat while doing it. Jib sheet adjustments we found to be very crucial.

One thing JB and I have focused on is getting our boats calibrated in the same fashion to allow for easy on the water discussion about settings. After yesterday, it was evident that we need to invest some time into a common calibration scheme for the mast ram.

I find that the standard Left-Coast/Glaser calibration for the ram is flawed. If you use a linear scale on the ram track, the geometry of the strut(tube length, deck fitting location, track height) must be IDENTICAL for you to assume that the same setting on one boat matches another. Also, whose idea was it to make the base setting at number 7?

I agree that the standard "base setting" for the ram should be when the mast is rammed straight with 25 lbs of rig tension at 25'8" rake. I have talked before with Ethan Bixby about using a linear scale on the mast gate instead of on the track. The only downside is that you cannot see a scale at the mast gate very easily. I think that marking the corresponding points on the mast is a good solition for this. Note that these corresponding marks will not be a linear scale.

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