Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Training Session: Day 1

John Loe is in town from June 3-8 and we will be training out of Montrose Harbor every day that he is here. John had an article in the most recent Sailing World. Disregard the bio inside the back cover: It is my 505, not his.

Last night was a great day of sailing with 18-20 knots out of the Northeast with 4-6 ft. waves. John and I were sailing 7346 and JB and Ned were sailing 7611. The water is still in the 50's and the air temperature was unseasonably cold. After 3 hours of sailing in these conditions, it was very evident that fitness is going to be a major issue in preparation for this summer's worlds in San Fran. Here are a couple of notes we discussed yesterday post-sailing:
Wed. June 3, 2009

-Both boats have almost identical setup: Glaser sails, Proctor Cumulus mast, Waterat Blades.

-We were raked anywhere from 25'4" when we first left the harbor to 25'1" where we eventually settled in at. For the most part, when the breeze was up, the 25'1" setting felt good. I would say max puff was 21 knots, windy but not smoking

-If the board was down more than about 1" up from vertical the boat felt awful. In this condition you need to try raising the board a bit at a time to find the position where the boat feels balanced. The danger of this adjustment is that if you go too far, the boat will feel fine and you will be fast forward, but you will "fall of the cliff" and have not pointing ability.

-We had the gybe-stopper down 100% of the time on 7346. This felt good especially since it was really choppy. Downwind the gybe-stopper was necessary as JB and Ned said they were having trouble staying in control without one. From our perspective they still seem very low and fast without it.

-Flattening reef was on 100% of the time on both boats.

-I gave John an full elbow shot to the temple while trimming the jib coming out of a tack. This is a sub-optimal maneuver.

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