Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carbon Boom Rigging - Part 1

Last night I started rigging 2 new booms for 7346 and 7611. Both will be set up with the conventional single port-side pole. They will be rigged with the option to go to double pole after the worlds this summer. That way we can source the proper parts and see all the fancy double pole setups that others have been refining this year. For now we will be using what we are familiar with as worlds is only one month away!

Boom Sections - Windrush Yachts, AUS
Spinnaker Pole Sections - Unknown builder, sourced through Holger Jess

I was at a loss as to where to start, so I decided to work on the spinnaker poles first. My first step was to fit both end fittings to the tube. We got some really nice(although now may become obsolete) fork fittings from Holger. They are a really well made with a machined base and a heavy gage fork that can easily be pinched to fit all line sizes. These are far superior to the fittings made by Mark Angliss.

The forks were supposed to match the ID of the poles that Holger also provided but the metal sections that fit inside the tube needed to be ground slightly with a bench grinder/file.

The standard Spiro inboard end fitting is a smaller OD than the ID of the new carbon tubes. I sourced some delrin tube from McMaster with an ID that was the same as the OD of the ball end fitting.

The OD of the delrin tubing was oversized, but was easily machined down to the proper size on the lathe. This material is very easy to machine. Should be fun to make some custom end fittings for the double pole system later this year...

The result is a very snug tollerance fit for the inboard end.

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