Monday, August 31, 2009

505 World Championship - Fleet 13 Report

Wow. Not much else can describe the past 10 days of sailing on San Francisco Bay.

This year's worlds was one of the most unbelievable events I have ever been a part of. Among the competitors were 2 of the richest 100 people in the world, multiple Olympic Sailing medalists, Volvo Ocean Race competitors, and Olympic Skiing Gold medalist Jonny Moseley. Title sponsor SAP and presenting sponsor APL along with the St. Francis Yacht Club put on a worlds class event that anyone who participated will never forget.

As a fleet, we were all somewhat disappointed in the final results. The reality is that we did not have the time in the boat necessary to have superior upwind boat speed. In every race it was only a matter of time before we lost our lane off the start and were left to fight for the scraps with the second half. JB and Ned showed the most promise on the first beats, getting to the weather mark in the top 20 several times.

The experience was very valuable for all of us. We now know that it is possible to sail(and not flail) in 30 knots. Those who chose not to go to this event based on fear of the big conditions missed out on one hell of a good time. One major accomplishment is that we are returning to Chicago having experienced no major breakdowns over the course of the event. In a week where close to 30 masts were broken, countless rudders failed, and a boat sank we consider this a major accomplishment. The only DNF score for Fleet 13 came for Katherine/Stephen when their jib halyard broke. Below are the final score lines for all the Fleet 13 boats:

Final Fleet 13 Results (98 boats Total)

50 7611 Turney/Turney 27,35,44,50,42,[52],47,[55],48 293 points
53 7346 Loe/Thompson 45,34,47,[52],37,50,52,49,[57] 314 points
74 8821 Long/Long 71,[99/DNF],62,71,61,64,[78],66,60 455 points

All of the above photos copyright Erik Simonson/Peter Lyons. Marine Media Alliance.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fleet 13 Boats Loaded, En Route to San Francisco

Russell Miller has a pretty sick 4 boat trailer setup. The loading went well on a hot, sticky 90+ degree Chicago day. Attached pictures below and MORE HERE. See you in San Fran.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carbon Booms - Outhaul Block Backing Plate

I originally rigged the booms without a backing plate on the outhaul block. After talking with several people about this, it was evident that a G10 backing plate is desirable to distribute the load and keep the block from ripping out.

To do this, I cut a rectangle piece of 1/4 inch G10 slightly larger than the size of the block's cover plate. I drilled the through-holes on the drill press and then sanded the piece to the inside profile of the boom. I then sanded the tube in preparation for bonding. With the boom upside down, the piece was bonded in with fillets using epoxy and colloidal silica. I used some fasteners sprayed with Mclube to line the plate up with the existing holes. After the epoxy had cured I then cut the through hole using the existing hole in the section as a template. The fitting was then fastened using machine screws and nylon lock nuts. This fitting is now very strong.

I do not have a picture of the completed outhaul block, but I did quickly draw up a schematic of the internal rigging. One thing you will notice is that with this setup for the flattener, it puts a lot of added load on the outhaul block when engaged. A good amount of the leach/vang tension is transfered to the outhaul block when the flattener is pulled forward. This is one of the main reasons why I think a G10 plate is desireable.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Flight 8821, you are cleared for takeoff.

Pierre Jean Girard and Stephen Long get a little airtime at the SFYC world warm up regatta.