Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Colors

Fleet 13 has been taking a bit of a break from 505 sailing this fall. We wanted to take some time off after the Worlds to regroup and attend to some other sailing interests. Fleet 13 members participated in the US Team Racing Championship (Hinman) in Marion, MA in late September. Video of our racing can be seen at the link below on

Team "Fair and Balanced" Hinman 2009

Fleet 13 helms Craig Thompson and JB Turney also lent a hand to some sailing friends the previous weekend. Both of us found ourselves doing bow on the Chicago Match Race Center's fleet of Tom 28 keelboats. As cool as match racing is, the weekend was a reminder of the ills of keelboat sailing. I have never come away from a weekend of sailing with more bumps and bruises. I can tell you that doing bow in a match race is a full-on athletic event. More information on the CMRC can be found at

Unfortunately, October arrived with late November's weather. This unfortunate turn has curtailed our sailing season and has us looking for some warmer sailing destinations.

Some thoughts on the winter schedule include possible sailing in Tidewater, VA followed by the annual migration to Florida. I have not seen any recent discussion on winter training, but even if that fails to materialize we're going to try to have three boats down at Midwinters.

In the meantime, planning for next summers NA's continues and we will have more info available for you on the event site.

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